Me! For reference, I get my headshots done by the amazingly talented  Diana Toshiko .

Me! For reference, I get my headshots done by the amazingly talented Diana Toshiko.

I've been a photographer since 2013. I work in arts organizing, communications, and media, and found myself shooting a lot of press conferences, events, and taking professional headshots for staff listings.

What I've come to find is that most people's professional headshot experiences are an awkward ordeal: you sit in front of a pull-down backdrop, a bunch of lights are shined on you, you're posed uncomfortably on a stool, and a few unready flashes later, you're glad to just have it over with, as if getting your picture taken has never become any easier than your childhood school photo days.

But when I photograph people with friends, sharing their art, performing, exploring the city, and just enjoying themselves, their natural radiance shines through! The photos reflect that when people get to be their real selves.

I want to bring the fun, spontenaiety, and honesty of acting style headshots by applying my theatrical aesthetic to people's personal and professional portraits. Instead of trying to pose as some abstract standard of what you should look like inside a studio, we'll find an outdoor location where you can feel relaxed, natural, and most importantly: like yourself. I'll then find and capture those fleeting moments when you are unabashedly you--without reservations, filters, or the need to match some outside expectation of who you are.

And that's what your photos will be: Your honest moments. Your true self.